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Ezzelini’s Dead EP Cover Art

Bonnie Trash’s newest EP is based on the folk tales of Ezzelino III da Romano and the Ezzelini family. Ezzelino was a medieval tyrant in our ancestral town of San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Italy. He was said to be a cannibal. We, humans, are obsessed with having to know everything about everyone and anything that has to do with everything. Eating every piece thrown at us. The lust to consume is at an all-time high. We are becoming cannibals by consuming each other’s thoughts and words — real or fake. We must consume ourselves in order to transform.


EZZELINI’S DEAD – June 9th, 2017 on FUCKPOP.



Our second run of tapes come in rubine red with the added translation of ‘Maria.’ Email us at to place an order. 


T-shirts come in a range of small-xl on a black cotton unisex shirt with an 8″ X 8″  image of the Ezzelini’s Dead cover. Included is a digital download code + art + translations of Maria’s stories. Email us at to place a t-shirt order.


Ezzelini’s Dead can be purchased on a PWYC basis on bandcamp.



We are currently working on our full length record, A Call To Aradia (TBR – Summer 2020).

In May of 2019, Emmalia Bortolon-Vettor of Bonnie Trash presented a paper at the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) Canada in Montreal.

In brief, this paper served as an outline of our creative research behind this album. We used Slavomir Mrozek’s Out At Sea, an absurdist one-act play about three shipwrecked men named Fat, Medium, and Thin, who employ socio-political debate in deciding which man to eat. This play uses cannibalism and consumption as a means of establishing power. We are revisiting and reinterpreting this work as a means of juxtaposing the decisions and dispositions of the characters of this play as the framework of composition. For example, a constant use of an underlying sound of a sea is presented in different sonic contexts. In one specific song, Goodnight, My Dear, the sea is a collection of voices from identified #MeToo participants performing Pauline Oliveros’ Tuning Meditation. Oliveros’ use of collective attentions serve as a model of response mechanisms in social media.

Sarafina and Emmalia have expanded their musicianship in partnership with Pearle Harbour in her performance of Distant Early Warning, which has now entered its second year of residency at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre following a sold-out presentation at the 2019 Queer Pride Festival.


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2019 SHOWS:

November 15th – Waterloo, ON – The Jungle

October 31st – Guelph, ON – The ebar – Kazoo’s Spoooktacular – Performing a Black Sabbath cover set

October 11th – Guelph, ON – The Making Box – Royal City Heroes

October 4th – Guelph, ON – The ebar – Holy Smokes Music Festival w/ Ellis & Sages

September 26th – Toronto, ON – Handlebar w/ Cherry Blaster, Klit Kult & Sea Beau

September 7th – Toronto, ON – Salto w/ Witchrot, L.A. Cop & Sloves

July 18th – Toronto, ON – Bands & Drag w/ Westelaken, Beardoncé & Pearle Harbour

July 12th – Guelph, ON – Hillside Festival

May 25th – St. John’s, NL – The Ship – Lawnya Vawnya

May 10th – Toronto, ON – The Garrison – Canadian Music Week w/ TEKE::TEKE, Lee Paradise & Petra Glynt

May 2nd – Guelph, ON – ANAF w/ WHOOP-Szo, I Feel Sorry & Greydini

2018 SHOWS:

October 26th – Guelph, ON – ANAF Club – Kazoo! Spooktacular

October 20th – Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub – Halifax Pop Explosion

September 29th – Montreal, QC – Brasserie Beaubien – Pop Montreal 

September 27th – Toronto, ON – Velvet Underground – Night Owl Festival

September 8th – Guelph, ON – ANAF – FPOP FEST

August 19th – Elora, ON – Riverfest Elora

June 30th – Guelph, ON – Take Time Vintage

May 30th – Kitchener, ON – Farmer’s Market – Night\Shift Farewell Party

May 25th – Guelph, ON – The eBar – Athena McQueen’s Bday Bash

May 18th – Toronto, Ontario – Owl’s Club

April 14th – Guelph, Ontario – Kazoo! Fest 

2017 SHOWS:

November 25th – Toronto, ON – Bike Pirates – Wavelength Music Series w/ Pony & Luge

November 19th – Waterloo, ON – Jane Bond w/ The Famines

October 6th – Guelph, ON – The ebar – Kazoo! Show Series w/ Weaves

September 23rd – Brantford, ON – The Creamery – ZZZWKND w/ WHOOP-szo & nêhiyawak

August 6th – Meaford, ON – Electric Eclectics

June 9th – Guelph, ON – The ebar – Ezzelini’s Dead EP Release Show

June 8th – Toronto, ON – Double Double Land w/ Brigitte Bardon’t & Sea Beau

March 24th – Toronto, ON – Gladstone Hotel – Long Winter

February 28th – Hamilton, ON – The Baltimore House w/ Calvin Love & The Crowleys

January 27th – Guelph, ON – The ebar – Girls Rock Camp fundraiser w/ Petra Glynt, Eiyn Sof

2016 SHOWS:

November 19th – Toronto, ON – Hard Luck

September 29th – Guelph, ON – The ebar w/ Bernardino Femminielli

September 9th – Toronto, ON – The Silver Dollar w/ Deathsticks

May 25th – Guelph, ON – The ebar – 10 Years of Kazoo! w/ Esther Grey & Shotgun Jimmie

May 14th – Guelph, ON – Jimmy Jazz w/ Wolfcow & Germaphobes

April 8th – Guelph, ON – The Cornerstone – Kazoo! Fest w/ Surfing on Acid

January 16th – Guelph, ON – Jimmy Jazz w/ Luge & Baby Labour